Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A note from the otherside....

Well it has been nearly 2 months since is posted last! And alot has happened in that time! First and probably most importantly my girlfriend and I have broken up! I was gonna post when it happened but realised I would end up writing some semi-emo self obsessed "woh is me" bollocks so just let myself just float along. I went to london for a few days after it happened, stayed with a friend of mine, Emily, it really helped. I can can relax around Emily and we've always got something to talk about and she is one alexs oldest friends which in a stange was good too as iot help sort things out from her perspective. After a few days bumming around london I headed back to manchester to get started on my master dissertation! Since then I've to a few gigs, brought some records and gernerally ticked over for the past few weeks! Really need to get on with some work but its tough going, not looking forward to the single way of life, I was happy to be with Alex partly because it meant I didn't have to go through the rigmarole of "pulling" which I frankly suck at! Still life would be boring without challenges! On the up side its my old friend crazy lou's birthday next weekend so I'm returning to the mighty D for some old school schinanigans! Anyway as always I am gonna state that I intend to post more, not because I think people will read this but more because I can look back on this blog like a sort of diary and remember when things were good (and bad)!

Right well back to work!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Oh i'm getting too old for this!

Wow nearly a month later he posts again! Well what has happened this month..... thats it you guessed it assignments!!!! Yesterday I handed in number 14! Only 3 more too go! Apart from that my life is a bit thin on the ground; this course seems to be designed to eliminate all semblance of social interaction, joy, hope or any of the other things that make life worth living! Moral on our course is low to say the least! But I have finally started to learn to drive which is actually really fun and its my birthday this Wednesday (17th)! I have managed to convince my friends to down their tools of solitude and come out for a night frivolity, which I and everyone else (I hope) is looking forward too! 22! I am getting old!
Further in the future lie some pretty cool gigs, going to see get cape, wear cape, fly in Manchester on the 3rd of June with my good buddy Dom from Leicester and then going to see Gilles Peterson in London in July with my mate mike form Salford, also trying to sort lost prophets, snow patrol and others in there as well so its going be a busy few months. Oh yeah got to do a dissertation and learn to drive too but lets not worry about that!

PS. Please note the top artist box on the right, this lists my weekly most listened to artists! Its very cool! Check out for your personal music database and stats as well a great way to discover new music!

Monday, April 17, 2006

What an easter.....

Well what an easter I'm having. We've been going out nearly every nite and having a good old time! HA! Had everyone round on saturday for a drinking/chips and dips/listening to random music evening (photo above) then we headed into the mightly D for more of that wonderful watering hole, the clive! Anyway I have finally set up my flickr photo gallery, so I can finally fit all my photos online! So far only got the photos from this easter at home but will eventually have all the salford and leicester ones up there! So here is the link enjoy!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

ahh but blogger is still the best!

Well I have a myspace now (a term soon to enter the dictionary no doubt)! I only did it cuz people were moaning that I didn't! Frankly the layout is a bit cluttered, there is far too much going on with the interface and any of the layouts you use just make your text unreadable and crummy but what the heck its done! For a look at click here!
The one thing that seems overwelmingly obviouse with myspace is the incidious self advertising that most people seem to go through! I admit i did a bit of "biggin' myself up" but some of the stuff I've seen goes above and beyond! But what does it matter? It's a way for people, particularly teenagers, to express themselves and meet people so it is probably a good thing!
However in my opinon blogger is still the easiest and best way to express yourself on the web! I won't be changing anytime soon, also it doesn't seem possible to import a rss blog feed so I can't get my beloved blogger on my less than loved myspace oh well their loss (don't laugh)!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More than one hundred reasons to be happy!

Yes I saw them again! Hundred Reasons! The first time was amazing and this one lived up to all expectations! Took my brother to go see them at acadamy 3 in manchester and I think it was fair to say he enjoyed it! These guys are amazing and you should take any opertunity to see them, the energy they produce is fantastic and I really hope their new record goes far, it should it is f'in great!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Robin hood, Robin hood, riding through the glen, robbin beer from other people then going to the bar again.......

This was the aftermath of our Digital Signal Processing hand in day I'll leave you to fill in the blanks........

Another salford nite out!

Here we are again! The salford crew on another piss up, on a friday nite this time! It was for the big guy MARK HAMBLY's birthday! The photo above is courtesy of his very own website, where you will find a load of photos f his life in Canada and here in sunny salford (as to which he prefers you'll have to ask him!

So much to say.......

Where do I start ? Well the first thing to say would be that I've got a job! Yes I have a career, well the start of one! From the end of this year I will be an employee of Sound research Laboratories Ltd of Suffolk UK! Crazy! I'm the first on the course to have a secure job offer! Company car, just under 18G a year and I'll be near london (most likely Colchester)! Can't really belive it, hence the large number of exclamation marks in the preceeding text!
Apart from that amazing news, I also got the new Hundred Reasons album "Kill Your Own" which is (as expected) amazing so go an buy it now all you rock loving monkeys! Whats more amazing is that me and my bro are going to see them on the 4th april in manchester which will be sweet!
Also been re-discovering my love of jazz particularly nu-jazz thanks to my friend mike and his viynl collection, I now also want a record player! Started listening to Gilles petterson on radio one and through the magic of mini discs now have some interesting stuff to keep me occupied and provide another distraction from work! Thanks to Gilles me and mike have found out that a nu-jazz duo called kyoto jazz massive are playing manchester next weekend so were gonna go check that out adn you all shoudl too if you can, promices to be funk filled fun!
Not been very active on the blog recently, which is dissapointing, but gonna keep trying, I've setup a flickr account so hopefully I can put a permanent link to my photo gallery soon, so all the drunken photos will be plain to see! In the mean-time my msn space has a load of photos on it (link should be on the left hand side bar).
Well back to listening to Gilles and playing on my gameboy, the ultimate chill out!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Well its snowing.......

Walking in a winter wonderland......bla bla bla. I think unless it is christmas or your under 14 snow is a pretty annoying thing, it a combination of two really annoying things, being wet and being cold! Don't get me wrong when the hills are covered in snow its a beautiful thing but when your walking to work or to uni its pretty annoying. Anyway enough talk about the weather, I have been going through the very scary process that is applying for jobs! Sent off CV's to about 7 companies and will have to find a few more before the month is out. I got the expected chorus of "Thank you for your CV we will contact you soon." a bit soul crushing but did get an email from the managing director of one company to come in for a chat so thats a result!
Had to go to my girlfriends grandpa's funeral this weekend, which was a sobering experience as I went to my nan's golden wedding the next day, I've been on a bit of a merry dance around the country in the past week and now I have to get on with yet more assignments as well as worry about going for this "chat" with this prospective employer whatever "chat" entails?
Anyway oh neglected blog of mine.... I shall be back soon I promise!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Well its time for a change....

Well as I am sure no body has noticed I have changed the look of my blog! I really should learn how to use HTML then I could make the place look a little less generic but that is for when I have time to spare which I don't foresee happening for atleast the next 6 months! I have added a few links to check out on the left (more to come) and a funky little skype button to tell people when I'm online, not that anyone I know has skype apart from my girlfriend which may highlight a major flaw in that particular plan but what the hell it looks good!
I haven;t blogged in ages because I have had nothing but assignments to do for the past month and have nothing but assignments to do for the next 3! Oh well its the price you pay for success, or failure (as is very likely in my case!), it will all be over one day and I will look back on this post and laugh.....Or cry depending on my mood I suppose! Well enough rambling form me! I really should get back to work!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

One bloody good reason and a hundred more!

One reason to fight on through the quagmire that is my current assignment schedual is the fact that hundred reasons are touring! Yes a new album in the works and a chance to see this amazing band live again! Their web site has had a much needed content boost in the form of free (yes free) downloadable tracks, several live tracks and 3 amazing demo tracks that everyone must listen to, they are classic 'reasons and the track "This Mess" just moves me! There are nother words for it, it is a moving track. So GO NOW and download them.............why are you still here?......get your browser over to and go to the media section NOW!