Monday, March 06, 2006

Well its snowing.......

Walking in a winter wonderland......bla bla bla. I think unless it is christmas or your under 14 snow is a pretty annoying thing, it a combination of two really annoying things, being wet and being cold! Don't get me wrong when the hills are covered in snow its a beautiful thing but when your walking to work or to uni its pretty annoying. Anyway enough talk about the weather, I have been going through the very scary process that is applying for jobs! Sent off CV's to about 7 companies and will have to find a few more before the month is out. I got the expected chorus of "Thank you for your CV we will contact you soon." a bit soul crushing but did get an email from the managing director of one company to come in for a chat so thats a result!
Had to go to my girlfriends grandpa's funeral this weekend, which was a sobering experience as I went to my nan's golden wedding the next day, I've been on a bit of a merry dance around the country in the past week and now I have to get on with yet more assignments as well as worry about going for this "chat" with this prospective employer whatever "chat" entails?
Anyway oh neglected blog of mine.... I shall be back soon I promise!
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