Friday, December 10, 2010

Well it has been awhile......

The 2nd of May 2008. That is a long time ago. My excuse for failing to blog in any form is discovering twitter, whose 140 character limit, is much lower down the effort spectrum compared to forming a viable paragraph or two. Anyway, as perennial (or biannual) as this statement is I intend to post a bit more!

In other news I have now reached such narcissistic heights that I have my own domain name! If you go to then you will see this site......which you probably already know as you most likely typed it in to get here.

What else, what else......oh I now live in Manchester (which you will know if you look at the latitude gadget in the side bar). Oh I changed company too, I no longer work for SRL, I now work for Capita Symonds. From independent company to corporate behemoth in one swift move (via a nice payrise).

I have also written a few stories that I will link too shortly and am in the process of building my own website. On that point I give a shameless plug (if you can call it that when no one reads my blog) to my good friend Mike Anthony's site (which is a work in progress) Go there to find the job you want without the faffing!