Monday, April 17, 2006

What an easter.....

Well what an easter I'm having. We've been going out nearly every nite and having a good old time! HA! Had everyone round on saturday for a drinking/chips and dips/listening to random music evening (photo above) then we headed into the mightly D for more of that wonderful watering hole, the clive! Anyway I have finally set up my flickr photo gallery, so I can finally fit all my photos online! So far only got the photos from this easter at home but will eventually have all the salford and leicester ones up there! So here is the link enjoy!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

ahh but blogger is still the best!

Well I have a myspace now (a term soon to enter the dictionary no doubt)! I only did it cuz people were moaning that I didn't! Frankly the layout is a bit cluttered, there is far too much going on with the interface and any of the layouts you use just make your text unreadable and crummy but what the heck its done! For a look at click here!
The one thing that seems overwelmingly obviouse with myspace is the incidious self advertising that most people seem to go through! I admit i did a bit of "biggin' myself up" but some of the stuff I've seen goes above and beyond! But what does it matter? It's a way for people, particularly teenagers, to express themselves and meet people so it is probably a good thing!
However in my opinon blogger is still the easiest and best way to express yourself on the web! I won't be changing anytime soon, also it doesn't seem possible to import a rss blog feed so I can't get my beloved blogger on my less than loved myspace oh well their loss (don't laugh)!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More than one hundred reasons to be happy!

Yes I saw them again! Hundred Reasons! The first time was amazing and this one lived up to all expectations! Took my brother to go see them at acadamy 3 in manchester and I think it was fair to say he enjoyed it! These guys are amazing and you should take any opertunity to see them, the energy they produce is fantastic and I really hope their new record goes far, it should it is f'in great!