Thursday, September 30, 2004


Is possibly one of the greatest shows ever! I think the only justification this needs are the following two quotes:

The path of my life is covered in cow pats form the devil's own satanic heard!

They say verbal insults hurt more than physical pain. They are of course wrong as you will soon discover when I shove this toasting fork in your head!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

And on the 7th day he rested....

Ahh Sundays, the day of rest, a time to contemplate the week in a relaxing atmosphere of documentary TV and roast dinners! Or so I used to think! It turns out Sunday is just like any other pissed up day of the week in Leicester! Having decided to go out to the local scream pub (The loaded Dog) I expected that me and my friends would be in for a few drinks and maybe a bit of a dance on an empty dance floor. I should have known better, the "dog" is £1 a pint on Sunday nights, is open to midnight and plays really loud music. This naturally meant anyone who is anyone wants to be there on a Sunday night, the queue was out the door round the corner and down a rather dingy side ally. It was a joke, as I stood in line and argued with my friends I rapidly became someone who didn't want to be anyone. It took 30 minutes of standing in an unmoving line to spur my friends into moving out of the cold and into Varsity, the pub next to the "dog", which had no queue. This turned out to be another bad judgment call by me as Varsity was, to put it bluntly, rammed! We managed to get to within 4 feet of the bar and were summarily blocked by a crowd of 6 blokes standing there with pints, chatting away merrily, seemingly oblivious to us and the 20 or so other people standing behind them. The music was ear splitting and the conversation/shouting matches of the other patrons only added to the drone. There was hardly room to turn around and this, we are led to believe, is how millions of people have a good time! What moron though playing really load music and cramming hundreds of people into a space made for 50 would equal a good time for all, it was hell! We stayed for 5 minutes and left thirsty but grateful for the fresh air and relative calm of London road.
We eventually ended up in the good old union bar (The Redfearn) which was relatively quiet, both in the sense of student population and music volume! More importantly it now has an internet jukebox, which allows you to queue up any song you can think of from Mudvain to S Club 8 (neither of which I would want to listen to, but they illustrate the range)! So we spent the rest of the night ordering drinks from a bar we could actually see, listening to music we wanted to hear, at a volume we could stand!
I think the main point of this rant is aimed at bar owners, I know you want to cram as many people as you can into your establishments, but just spare a though for those people will you! A bar is a place where people go before a club, they are not clubs. If I want to hear a load of crappy dance music at volumes that would make most heavy artillery operators cringe I will go to Creation, Life or some other such townie watering hole. I go to a bar to have a drink and a chat with my mates, am I some kind of under represented minority? I am pretty sure all the people I talk to about this agree with this point of view! Maybe we should stage some kind of protest? But most people aren't like that are they, they just sit there and take it. Lord knows after asking for the music to be turned down in varsity for the 20th time and getting the same blank look I am tempted to sit down and suffer! If it weren't for the price I would go somewhere else so I guess it's my fault!
Anyway it's Monday now and another week of drinking in noisy bars and nosier clubs is about to start, heres hoping things will change!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Life is easy when you know the system!

When you know the system things are a dam site easier! I spent one hour registering for uni today compared to the 17 I spent last year! All this because I know if you go to the cashiers office first and get a note saying you've paid your fees you will breeze through registration without them telling you to join another queue and then another..... etc. This is the system they never tell people, mainly because I think the administrators all have a good laugh at the poor unsuspecting students who after queuing for 2 hours are told they don't have the right form and must join a 5 hour queue for the cashiers office.
Things would be easier if they just put a bloody big poster saying; "These are the forms you need. If you don't have them go here......", but that would be to far to sensible and would also remove the sense of satisfying as you stroll out of the doors past throngs of innocent 1st years who will be there for hours! MWWWWWWWWWWWWWAHHHAHAH (Evil Laugh)

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Bush Bashing

I personally thing the world is as good as it is gonna get at the moment, because lord knows its all down hill form here! I'm not one of these anarchists, conspiracy nuts or other such wakos who believe "THE MAN" or "Big Brother" is gonna be spying on us 24/7 and controlling our lives! In many way that state already exists so get used to it. But American empire building and thinly veiled resource gathering exercises (Iraq War) scare the living poo out of me! The war was illegal from the start and the UN did nothing about it, showing what a farce that organization is! Now the UN president has said it was illegal there is hope of a kind but I doubt it will change anything, the bush snowball will keep on rolling until the whole world is either burning or sucking up to the American behemoth! It is a shit poor state of affairs and I know I am only repeating what many other millions have said but that fails to impress upon the so called representatives of the people, that are our politicians. I have no doubt there are other things going on behind the scenes, not conspiracies, just stuff were not being told, which is certainly not the same thing. The fall in oil supplies and fossil fuels is certainly a factor and I think the American psyche has a major role as well, a need to impress their moral and ethical values of all the people of the world. As an English man I realize that is a bit hypocritical, the British empire was one of the biggest examples of this, but that was a different time and this is now. American empire building needs high profile opponents and after the bashing the Germans and French got for expressing an opposing view, I doubt there will be.
The way Britain just blindly went along with this clearly illegal war is sickening, why don't we just declare ourselves the 51st state and be done with it! I was appalled at how the millions of voices shouting "Not in my name!" were brushed aside in the wake of the greater political view that offending America is a much more distressing option compared to killing thousands of civilians and hundreds of British troops for a lie!
Now it looks like bush will win another election which is distressing on its own, however films like Bowling for Columbine show the the problem is not just the American president it is the American attitude aswell, don't get me wrong most Americans are just trying to get along like the rest of us, but I don't doubt that if Bush went a similar person would appear in his place. Kerry isn't exactly hanging olive branches from his ears! I weep for the world and I hope the voice of the people will one day break through!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A great way to pass the time.....

1. Open a new file on your Desktop on your PC.
2. Name it "George W. Bush".
3. Drag it to the trash.
4. Empty the trash.
5. Your PC will ask you, "Do you really want to get rid of George W. Bush?"
6. Answer firmly, "yes," and left click on your mouse.
7. Repeat daily as needed.

Well at least I have less hair!

I got very drunk last night! Really that is all I should say as my hangover is making typing or even looking at the screen a headache producing nightmare. Me and my mate (I mean that in the slang sense of the word) dom went to the fan club in Leicester town center, which is one of the few establishments I have come across that plays music I actually want to hear. We drank enough sambooca to float a battleship (that is of course if the battle ship were made out of paper and was 5 cm long!), but it was enough to make us forget our other mate Keith, buying take-away, walking home and going to bed! It was quite a surprise this morning waking up as I had no recollection of going to bed!
Well anyway £40 later with nothing to show for it apart from a hangover that rivals Madonna's musical career for shear staying power I dragged my self to uni to send some emails and blog getting a hair cut on the way! So at least now I don't look like a drugged a small mammal and disguised it as my hair!

Right then back to bed!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A feeling of disconnection....

Well here I am again sitting in the University of Leicester library computer suit, I would be at home blogging away but our internet, cable TV and phone have been cut off due mainly, if not totally to the fact that we haven't payed the bill!
It is amazing, I have gone 4 days without broadband internet and already I feel..... lost, disconnected, out of touch. This must be some kind of mild withdrawal symptom, I know the first step towards healing is admitting you have a problem, but its just whenever I sit on the internet I am struggling for things to do! Before I found blogging I would think "yeah I'll kill an hour or 2 on the net" but when I switch on IE I stare at the address bar racking my brains for a site to look at that I haven't already browsed to death! I would like to admit I'm addicted to the net but it just isn't true, I'm a wannabe net addict. This is probably due in part to the fact that I'm too dam lazy to do any research and find interesting sites. What I should really do and probably will right after I finish typing this is write down subjects that I can look into and then whenever I go on the net look them up. Everything from my favorite chocolate bar they no longer make to old 80's cartoons they no longer show!
Oh well the smelly, unwashed , Goth rocker next to me is becoming too much to bare so I'm gonna stop waffling on!

Monday, September 20, 2004

Market Drayton... A summary

Spending the summer in my home town is more like going back to prison for a parole hearing than returning to a place where I should feel at my most comfortable! Don't get me wrong I love my house and being with my family and old friends but the place holds so many bad memories, and don't even get me started on the inhabitants and their overwhelming neanderthal attitude to anything remotely removed from their burbry wearing, sports gear loving townie norm.
The pubs are full of bigoted old men (some not a day over 18), hunkered over bars that have remained unchanged since the 1920's. Fresh out of their 8 hours shifts spent working their job/sentence for life at one of the major factories in town which are as, if not more efficient at churning out these socially stunted racial hatred machines as they are food stuffs! If that weren't bad enough the streets are full of the "cool" youth of the town, with their kappa trousers tucked into their socks, burbry caps perched on heavily greased hair and 16 year old pregnant girl friends in tow, waiting for the day when they can join their older brethren.
The place is full of lost potential, there are very few people between the ages of 18 and 30 as anyone with the slightest chance moves on to pastures greener, the attitude of "work in factory all day, drink at night, get paralytic at weekend then start fight and/or hurl abuse" seems to have permeated through every stone, brick and old tudor oak beam. It's a shame that such a wonderful town with such a proud heritage has become a genetic sess pit full of resentment. My family is leaving for good next year and I for one cannot wait.

Don't cry for me Drayton, I certainly won't cry for you!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Lets try this again!

Well my past attempt at blogging kinda faded, or collapsed or any other metaphor for "couldn't be arsed to sit down and write!". So I have decided that with me starting my last year at uni I should really try a bit harder! So here goes nothing, time to blog for bob!