Friday, September 30, 2005

How could i forget.......

Oh I forgot to mention! In the 6 month void in my blog I went to see Audioslave! Words cannot describe how much they totally f**kin' rocked! Managed to get my camera past the security too! Score!

Yes I have a job!

Well it had to happen eventually, someone has given me a job (a part time one)! At Dixons! Which is great because I get to be around my beloved technology for hours on end! I f anyone is reading I freely admit I am techno-"Geek" but I am not a "Nerd"! They have spots and no friends! Anyway this now mean I might be able to afford to go out and even buy christmas presents! Woohoo Tom is less poor!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Very good, very amazing!

Get it now! These guys kick ass! If you liked, hundred reasons and other such greats you will love this album! Their last album, racecar is racecar backwards, was amazing this is equally if not more fantastic! A purchase you will not regret!

Oh how i miss you!

Oh how I miss Leicestser and the Haris club, I miss the uni and even our dirty kitchen and i miss the people most of all! The guys in my house, the guys on my course, such a great bunch of people! Oh if i wasn't such a macho tough guy i wou...i...would......boohoohooohooo sorry its all got a bit to much for me!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Well here I am again!

My last post was in march, oh how I neglect you blog of mine! Anyway guess i better update the cyberinterhyperwebway on the last 6 months! I was home in drayton for a few weeks and the at my girl friend's (Alex) for a month cleaning houses for much needed money. I then went on a fantastic holiday with her in rome! It really was great wish we could have stayed longer!

After the holiday i went back to drayton for a week, had a good time with some old friends and right now I'm at my new uni in Salford! Hopefully this course will give me what I need to start a career!

Well guess thats everything up till now in a heavily summerised fashion!

Wathched farenhight 9/11 last night! Bloody bush, moronic as****e! Anyway enough of that! Hopefully will be able to keep up the political ranting over the next few months!

Anyway I got work to do!