Sunday, May 14, 2006

Oh i'm getting too old for this!

Wow nearly a month later he posts again! Well what has happened this month..... thats it you guessed it assignments!!!! Yesterday I handed in number 14! Only 3 more too go! Apart from that my life is a bit thin on the ground; this course seems to be designed to eliminate all semblance of social interaction, joy, hope or any of the other things that make life worth living! Moral on our course is low to say the least! But I have finally started to learn to drive which is actually really fun and its my birthday this Wednesday (17th)! I have managed to convince my friends to down their tools of solitude and come out for a night frivolity, which I and everyone else (I hope) is looking forward too! 22! I am getting old!
Further in the future lie some pretty cool gigs, going to see get cape, wear cape, fly in Manchester on the 3rd of June with my good buddy Dom from Leicester and then going to see Gilles Peterson in London in July with my mate mike form Salford, also trying to sort lost prophets, snow patrol and others in there as well so its going be a busy few months. Oh yeah got to do a dissertation and learn to drive too but lets not worry about that!

PS. Please note the top artist box on the right, this lists my weekly most listened to artists! Its very cool! Check out for your personal music database and stats as well a great way to discover new music!

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