Monday, November 08, 2004

Say what you wanted to ask me.........

Oh I forgot to metion that I went to see Hundred Reasons on Friday! Damm they were sweet, they were playing at the charlotte, which is possibly the smallest venue I have ever seen! There were so many people and the moshing was great! I nearly past out! Woohoooo! Reuben were on before them and were amazing! Go out post haste and purchase their album "Racecar is Racecar Backwards"!!! Go now... what are you waiting for???

Oh, for the love of ......

Well it has been nearly a week now since that fateful result! There were so many things I wanted to say when the result looked certain but I refrained from blogging until my anger had subsided and the frustration reduced to its normal level.
I think deep down we all knew this would be the result, the people voting for Bush wanted Bush the people voting for Kerry just wanted anyone but Bush. With that hanging over him I'm not surprised the election went against him. It was very close however which gives me hope, and the shear number that turned out to vote puts the polling days in Britain to shame. The election did show some interesting trends as well, looking at the map of how each state voted, the densely populated, coastal, city states voted democrat where as the farm land, redneck central states voted Republican. My house mate has a spreadsheet with the average IQ of each state listed and how they voted, it is interesting that not one democrat state has an IQ under 100 and not one republican state is over 100!!! I suppose all those red neck bigots voting for their pal Bush was what won it for him!
There is a lot more ranting to be done, now Bush doesn't have to worry about being re-elected he can really get radical, dragging our beloved Britain with him no doubt. Already our black-watch soldiers are dying for another pointless objective, I only hope the commander of the black watch was right when he said "I hope the prime minister knows what he gotten us into!".
Only 4 more years and then he is gone! But it is what will happen in those 4 years that scares the hell out of me!








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