Saturday, February 11, 2006

Well its time for a change....

Well as I am sure no body has noticed I have changed the look of my blog! I really should learn how to use HTML then I could make the place look a little less generic but that is for when I have time to spare which I don't foresee happening for atleast the next 6 months! I have added a few links to check out on the left (more to come) and a funky little skype button to tell people when I'm online, not that anyone I know has skype apart from my girlfriend which may highlight a major flaw in that particular plan but what the hell it looks good!
I haven;t blogged in ages because I have had nothing but assignments to do for the past month and have nothing but assignments to do for the next 3! Oh well its the price you pay for success, or failure (as is very likely in my case!), it will all be over one day and I will look back on this post and laugh.....Or cry depending on my mood I suppose! Well enough rambling form me! I really should get back to work!