Sunday, January 14, 2007

Any excuse

We rarely need an excuse to party! Last weekend I was in Cambridge with Lou, Ben, Alice and Ruth and this weekend I was there with Mike, Lou and Ben! We had a f'in excellent time, went to a rock club, alienated Lou's friends (who to be fair ain't the rocking type) the preceded to mosh our rocks off to fall out boy and disturbed! Haven't had that much fun since the days of the Leicester fan club! More of it I say! MMMMMMMMMWWWAAAAAHAHA!

Friday, January 05, 2007

From hectic to boring and back again via a lot of procrastination!

Yes it has been awhile and yes I always say I will blog more but that last few months have been all over place, from hectic to boring and back again via a lot of procrastination. My last post was just after me and my girlfriend had broken up. That was a confusing time, went though the classic "We're gonna be the best of friends" phase to the "I hate you so much right now" phase and then through the protracted "I really should have a reason to be angry at her so should rehearse as many arguments as possible" (that one was a brain melter!) to finally excepting that us breaking up was for the best and things are much better now than they would have been if we'd dragged it out (flogging a dead horse and all that).
So that mental fuzz boxing went on for a few months and in the mean time to my great surprise I passed my driving test (with 2 minors - Get in!), moved to Suffolk, started my job and finished my dissertation! That was a horrendous experience in itself. I came home from work every night, made dinner, watched the news then sat at my desk and crunched numbers. It was decidedly half arsed number crunching however, when I finally managed to secure a week off work to "write up" the results of my 3 months of computations I realised that they were all completely useless! So in classic student style I researched, analysed and wrote up my entire dissertation in a week. 20,000 words of grade A bull digestive by-product! Handing it in felt surreal though, that year in Salford was really hard work at time I didn't think I could take anymore but I made it, 2006 generally will be a year I will try hard to forget but there were some good bits!
So anyway here I am sat in my own house, on my own sofa, with my own shiny laptop blogging away listening to Gilles Peterson's (the legend that he is!) minimal house mix, thinking "funny how things work out"!