Thursday, February 03, 2011

My god Myspace...where the hell have you been......

Myspace is going to be sold! I had forgotten it existed! After reading this story I looked up my profile and my god it was blast from the past (I last logged on to it over 3 years ago). That stupid photo I took of myself trying to be ironically moody hit me like a rusty spade.

Myspace defined most of 2006 for me (before Facebook came along and blew it out of the water). It was pretty crap at sharing stuff other than text but the music discovery was great (until came along and blew the other half Facebook had left out of the water). Having the option of putting your favourite song on your profile was great, now you could show off just how individual you were by hunting down a track that no one had heard of and forcing everyone who went on your page to listen to WEATHER THEY LIKED IT OR NOT! Now it seems the auto play option has been disabled and you actually get the choice of weather to listen to someone profile song. This is a bit disappointing. No longer will I suffer the surprise of finding out someone I vaguely know has a half decent taste in music. Or be afflicted by a mild heart attack due to logging onto your friend Iain's page, which he has equipped with a delightful ditty by Agraphobia Nosebleed, only to forget you had the speakers on full blast. Ahhh happy times!

Well now it is to be sold, after News Corp. sprayed countless millions at it, it will no doubt slide even further into obscurity (just like Friends Reunited - yes that still exists - just). It is a shame to see Myspace fading. It may have been a bit garish and hyper-narcissistic, but unlike Facebook's uniform white and blue which renders us all same (just with slightly different drunken pictures) Myspace let you stamp your mark on the web in poorly coordinated technicolor, with a giant flashing neon sign over your head.