Tuesday, May 03, 2005

In Between Dreams

Jack Johnson - imagine David Gray mixed with a significantly more layed back approach to life, add some chilled guitar and simple beats and you may be a tiny bit closer to what Jack's music is about! Frankly I can't do him justice or find a metaphor to describe him you just have to listen. I was a Huge fan of his last album "Brushfire Fairytales" it was amazing (go and buy it!) but his new album "In Between Dreams" is even better! It was recorded in Hawaii and the chilled vibes pass through the whole album, it really is great to relax to, you just get the feeling that life is not as bad as you think and that things will be ok if you just mellow out! I can't recommend this guy enough!

The war...

Lets face it Blair and Bush had decided to go to war long before they made their case to the public! I think we all knew that! I've blabbed on about how the war was illigal and how no one seems to care, now it looks like Blair lied to the country and the cabinet and there is proof! It is a joke how no one in power is getting the blame for this! What a joke justice and doing the right thing is!

Monday, May 02, 2005

The British General Election hummmmm......

Well here we are ready to decide who runs the country for the next 4 years! I thought I would have been more politically active, blogging away to my hearts content reliving my stress over the stupidity and general laughability of Michael Howard and what a lying barstard Tony Blair is! But I haven't, the reason being I have finals in may and need to be revising not blabbing on about politics!
But I am having a break at the min from my strenuous revision timetable (insert cough implying bulls**t) and so thought I should say something, not that anyone cares what I've got to say or what my political opinions are but I have to kill some time and anything is better than looking a quantum mechanics text book.
Labour, now I actually believe they are good for the country on the whole, their economic policies are much better than anything the Tories had! However the war is simple inexcusable, all the recent controversy over the attorney general's advice to Mr Blair only reaffirms my belief that he lied (very unconvincingly) to the country and had no intension of listening to what anyone else had to say.
The conservatives, well what can I say, right-wing has-beens with nothing new to offer because labour have stolen all their policies. They are reduced to throwing around meaningless backstabs at their opposition and what possessed them to put Michael Howard in the lime light I don't know! As Ann Widdecombe said;

"There is something of the night about him..."

Now the Lib Dems, I truly believe they are the only vaguely left wing party remaining in British politics (excluding the crazy commies) and so are they only real option for me. I do not believe for one second that they are a fantastic party who can do no wrong, however I do believe they offer the best hope for a government I could have faith in. They opposed the war in Iraq, they want to abolish top up fees and make care for the elderly available and affordable for all and more importantly the environment is very high on their agenda! I know they will not get into power this election and probably not the next either, but I do think they will gain a lot of ground and so i know it is not a wasted vote as the other parties maintain. I hope they can become the main opposition party within the next few years, replacing the doddering conservatives.

Right now thats out of my system its back to my revision!