Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A note from the otherside....

Well it has been nearly 2 months since is posted last! And alot has happened in that time! First and probably most importantly my girlfriend and I have broken up! I was gonna post when it happened but realised I would end up writing some semi-emo self obsessed "woh is me" bollocks so just let myself just float along. I went to london for a few days after it happened, stayed with a friend of mine, Emily, it really helped. I can can relax around Emily and we've always got something to talk about and she is one alexs oldest friends which in a stange was good too as iot help sort things out from her perspective. After a few days bumming around london I headed back to manchester to get started on my master dissertation! Since then I've to a few gigs, brought some records and gernerally ticked over for the past few weeks! Really need to get on with some work but its tough going, not looking forward to the single way of life, I was happy to be with Alex partly because it meant I didn't have to go through the rigmarole of "pulling" which I frankly suck at! Still life would be boring without challenges! On the up side its my old friend crazy lou's birthday next weekend so I'm returning to the mighty D for some old school schinanigans! Anyway as always I am gonna state that I intend to post more, not because I think people will read this but more because I can look back on this blog like a sort of diary and remember when things were good (and bad)!

Right well back to work!
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