Saturday, May 22, 2004

Oh what a night!

Well i spent most of last nite watching my girlfriend throw up! Which was not the greatest thing i have ever witnessed! She really is sick! I have spent most of this morning trying 2 convince her 2 go 2 the hospital!
It doesn't help that her housemate emily was having sex next door on a very squeaky bed! Oh well gotta get up and get on with some revision!

Friday, May 21, 2004

Lord of a ring!

This is an image of the ring my girlfriend Alex bought me for my birthday (which was last monday). She took ages to decided on it and the first one she got didn't fit! She looked so upset when i didn't fit! That girl worries about everything!

Well this is me

Ahhhhhhh! God thats a cheesy picture! Well this is me, I am bob! Needed an excuse one day not to revise for my finals so here I am blogging away! Though i'd put a picture of my ugle mug on here so that the pic of Brendon Boyd (Incubus) in my profile dosen't get peoples hopes up. Not that I think anyone is stupided enough to think thats me! Anyway.......

Testing the blog

Well I set up my blog and it hasn’t died on me or otherwise failed in spectacular fashion so I’m doing well! I am trying to get my arse in gear and do some revision on electromagnetic fields but this blogging lark is too tempting! I set up a blog for my band to use for our musing, well more likely for distracting each other from work with random crap and half baked ideas! Anyway if anyone actually reads this and fancies a look it is at