Sunday, February 06, 2005

Another day another round of America bashing...

It seems that most of what annoys me about the modern world today comes from the good old US of A. I realize this is in no way an original or innovative opinion and one I am sure is based on my slightly left wing outlook on life and skeptical nature. It is however difficult to ignore the veritable flood of documentary films, books and music highlighting the hypocrisy, artificiality and right-wing mind numbing rhetoric that flows from the current administration! I watched "Super-Size Me" the other day, an amazing documentary delving into the American fast food culture like a kamikaze to an aircraft carrier, it showed just what a slobbish, disgusting society the great US of A has fostered and the corporate behemoths that care just enough about what goes into their product to keep their customers alive long enough to break even. It worries me more how this attitude and culture has infested the UK, flowing across the Atlantic to infect my childhood with false idols and miss-guided ideals. When I was younger Maccy D's was my life I would hope and dream of visiting, to miss quote a famous festive tune "I wish I could have a big mac everyday", I am glad my parent resisted, my brain washed, TV advert influenced nagging. Now I look back and realize how much American society affect my childhood all that then seemed so true and important is now nothing more than hypocrisy and lies.

I realize my raging anti-America opinion seems as arrogant as the USA's foreign affairs but it seems to be more and more justified with every 10 o'clock news bulletin. However this morning I had my first encounter with real breathing Americans and spent the entire time actually trying to avoid verbally laying into these girls that my housemates brought home! I know that there are some American citizens that do not agree with their countries blatant arrogance and general empire building, but it is hard to remember when they steal the remote switch on CNN and start blabbing about how wonderful things are "back home". I was ready to launch into a scathing critique of the American domestic policies, but though better of it when they stated how much they hated G W. Perhaps contradicting themselves in a torrent of classically American hypocritical gob-s**te they did however succeed in defusing my prior verbal pyrotechnics, it seemed the majority of their friends hated the was old George made America seem like a bully in the playground. Kind put me in my place a bit, which I always appreciate, the world giving me a little slap to remind me I don;t know everything. But I am still of the opinion that things in this world are going down the pan and the wonderful Yankee doodle wonderland is largely responsible.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Back once again for the lethargic master...

Why? Oh why have I neglected you so, my lovely blog? Is it because deep down, (or even shallow down) I know no one reads you. Or is it because i had so many other things to be not doing in my life? Who knows? Well I'm back ready to spout more shite and talk more bollocks!