Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Reflections on a week from hell......

Well last week was the week from hell! Not only did I have a big assignment in on the Friday which I hadn’t really started, but I managed to strain my back to the point where I couldn’t walk! So this of course meant I had to miss work, which meant I missed out on £90 just before Christmas! Ahhhhhhh! “But wait…” I hear you say, “this means you have more time for you assignment!”. You would think that and I suppose I did, looking back on it now there is no way I could have done all my hours at work and completed it on time! However after hobbling to Uni on Monday I got back to discover to my joyful surprise that my computer had, quite literally exploded with sparks and all! This as you can imagine did vex me slightly as all the write up and code I had written for this assignment was on it, oh I screamed, shouted and threw things knowing it was ultimately futile but it made me feel better! A lengthy call to my sage like girlfriend calmed me down enough to make me try the computer again, this time armed with a screwdriver, some basic knowledge of electronic engineering, a few swift kicks and a lot of curse words. I managed to backup work and spent the next 4 days locked in my room on the verge of madness finishing my report on my trust old coke filled laptop (that’s another story).
Needless to say I was ecstatic when the Friday came and I handed my work in, I met my girlfriend in town, had some beers with a friend and his other half and went back to my mothers for a relaxing weekend in the country! Now I’m sitting here trying to motivate myself into starting my next in a long list of assignments! Oh well no rest for the wicked (or is it wicket I don’t really know what the actual phrase is, answers on a postcard)!  
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