Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A bear, arctic temperatures and some suspicious stains.......

Just like to say thanks to Sarah and Alice for a great night out this saturday! Sorry about the photo Sarah but its the only one I had of you two together! The only thing that would have made the night better is if Dave the bear hadn't been on the prowel and if the managment of 5th Avenue hadn't installed two industial blast freezers over the dance floor! Anyway hope to see you guys soon (don't worry i didn't mention the suspicious stains)!

In other news....... I am yet again having hell with assignments, had to give one in on friday in a completely unsatifactory sate, a situation that can no doubt be ascribed to my total lack of motivation! These 20hrs a week at Dixons are really sapping all the energy out of me! Well thats the official line anyway, it pretty hard to schedual any down time in my week so work time and down time merge together into one totally unproductive mess! Arrrgh!

Oh well! Back to the keyboard I go, this essay on impeadance tubes isn't gonna write itself, although if anyone knows of some way to make that possible don't hesitate to contact me! Posted by Picasa
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