Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bush is back in town....

It seems Mr Bush has arrived in Argentina to be greeted with the accustomed warm welcome by the local people. He is attending a summit on fair trade in the Americas, something I think the local population at least felt was some what of an irony. The hypocrisy is plain to see and although most voiced their disapproval at the unending march of American imperialism by peaceful protest, many voiced theirs using the American's own much used vocabulary of violence and heavy handedness. It is on some level understandable, the ever rolling capitalist jugger-naught seems to have passed by the majority of the developing world leaving in its wake a haze of broken promises and decay, and Mr Bush being the man at the wheel (a frightening prospect in itself) seems to be the figurehead for this built up dissatisfaction. I am sure it is not all America's fault but when you pockets are that bulging and you belly is that fat it is hard to see anyone else to blame.
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