Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Well at least I have less hair!

I got very drunk last night! Really that is all I should say as my hangover is making typing or even looking at the screen a headache producing nightmare. Me and my mate (I mean that in the slang sense of the word) dom went to the fan club in Leicester town center, which is one of the few establishments I have come across that plays music I actually want to hear. We drank enough sambooca to float a battleship (that is of course if the battle ship were made out of paper and was 5 cm long!), but it was enough to make us forget our other mate Keith, buying take-away, walking home and going to bed! It was quite a surprise this morning waking up as I had no recollection of going to bed!
Well anyway £40 later with nothing to show for it apart from a hangover that rivals Madonna's musical career for shear staying power I dragged my self to uni to send some emails and blog getting a hair cut on the way! So at least now I don't look like a drugged a small mammal and disguised it as my hair!

Right then back to bed!
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