Thursday, September 23, 2004

Bush Bashing

I personally thing the world is as good as it is gonna get at the moment, because lord knows its all down hill form here! I'm not one of these anarchists, conspiracy nuts or other such wakos who believe "THE MAN" or "Big Brother" is gonna be spying on us 24/7 and controlling our lives! In many way that state already exists so get used to it. But American empire building and thinly veiled resource gathering exercises (Iraq War) scare the living poo out of me! The war was illegal from the start and the UN did nothing about it, showing what a farce that organization is! Now the UN president has said it was illegal there is hope of a kind but I doubt it will change anything, the bush snowball will keep on rolling until the whole world is either burning or sucking up to the American behemoth! It is a shit poor state of affairs and I know I am only repeating what many other millions have said but that fails to impress upon the so called representatives of the people, that are our politicians. I have no doubt there are other things going on behind the scenes, not conspiracies, just stuff were not being told, which is certainly not the same thing. The fall in oil supplies and fossil fuels is certainly a factor and I think the American psyche has a major role as well, a need to impress their moral and ethical values of all the people of the world. As an English man I realize that is a bit hypocritical, the British empire was one of the biggest examples of this, but that was a different time and this is now. American empire building needs high profile opponents and after the bashing the Germans and French got for expressing an opposing view, I doubt there will be.
The way Britain just blindly went along with this clearly illegal war is sickening, why don't we just declare ourselves the 51st state and be done with it! I was appalled at how the millions of voices shouting "Not in my name!" were brushed aside in the wake of the greater political view that offending America is a much more distressing option compared to killing thousands of civilians and hundreds of British troops for a lie!
Now it looks like bush will win another election which is distressing on its own, however films like Bowling for Columbine show the the problem is not just the American president it is the American attitude aswell, don't get me wrong most Americans are just trying to get along like the rest of us, but I don't doubt that if Bush went a similar person would appear in his place. Kerry isn't exactly hanging olive branches from his ears! I weep for the world and I hope the voice of the people will one day break through!

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