Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A feeling of disconnection....

Well here I am again sitting in the University of Leicester library computer suit, I would be at home blogging away but our internet, cable TV and phone have been cut off due mainly, if not totally to the fact that we haven't payed the bill!
It is amazing, I have gone 4 days without broadband internet and already I feel..... lost, disconnected, out of touch. This must be some kind of mild withdrawal symptom, I know the first step towards healing is admitting you have a problem, but its just whenever I sit on the internet I am struggling for things to do! Before I found blogging I would think "yeah I'll kill an hour or 2 on the net" but when I switch on IE I stare at the address bar racking my brains for a site to look at that I haven't already browsed to death! I would like to admit I'm addicted to the net but it just isn't true, I'm a wannabe net addict. This is probably due in part to the fact that I'm too dam lazy to do any research and find interesting sites. What I should really do and probably will right after I finish typing this is write down subjects that I can look into and then whenever I go on the net look them up. Everything from my favorite chocolate bar they no longer make to old 80's cartoons they no longer show!
Oh well the smelly, unwashed , Goth rocker next to me is becoming too much to bare so I'm gonna stop waffling on!
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