Wednesday, October 06, 2004

What a suprise!

"The group hunting for banned weapons inside post-war Iraq is preparing to report that it has found no chemical, biological or nuclear weapons."


Well there it is, another reason (if not the main reason) for the war has fallen through, as far as I know there are none of the original reasons for invasion left now. After the American defense secretary admitted there was little or no evidence to link Saddam to Al-Qaida, the justifications for this gross breach of UN Policy and public opinion seem to be fading fast. Bush and Blair really don't have a collective leg to stand on! And yet they still try to pull justification from the report, the BBC report quotes the Iraq deputy Prime Minister (a white house puppet no doubt) as saying:

"Saddam Hussein was himself a weapon of mass destruction."

Ah so that makes it all ok does it! And Jack Straw has now show that the government's response to this will be to adopt the view that it doesn't matter that there were no weapons when we invaded but that Saddam COULD have made weapons at anytime if he wanted:

"The threat from Saddam Hussein in terms of his intentions was even starker than we have seen before".

Well that's ok then, I could make a bomb if I wanted to, does that give someone the right to invade my house and kill my family and friends for what might be?
Don't get me wrong (and I understand it is quite easy to with my apparent attitude), I know Saddam had to go, I know he gassed innocent Kurds and killed thousands of people throughout his reign. That however does not justify waging an illegal, unsanctioned war. It effectively renders the UN useless, which was set up to prevent super powers running around invading who they like, but here we are with exactly that happening.
There has been enough blood shed for this crusade of theirs, the people who were killed in the name of my safety (on both sides) can never be brought back but I can honor their memory by fighting against the political spin and not believing for one minuet that this was the best way to stop tyranny or to make the world a "safer" place.

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