Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I have started jotting.....

Well after years of much thumb twiddling, and any other appendages I could twiddle (except that one - I know what your thinking - sickening) in order to prolong my procrastination, I have made the first real progress to actually putting the half baked ideas I write down into the cold light of day.

In short I have started putting some of the more complete stories I have written on to Jottify. This is basically a site for authors where you can post work and get feedback and possibly, if you feel your work is worth something, sell it.

This is my page:

I have 4 stories up so far and I am working to get some of the 50 or so other in a fit state to be read by the general populous. The eventual goal being to put them all together in a collection and publish an ebook. But that is way in the future, for the time being I would be happy if any of you fine people out there would be kind enough to read them (you can download them as ebooks (for free) to you iPad or kindle (other e-readers are available) and leave feedback (any feedback).

Honourable mentions go to Gill Pepper who edited the 3 longest works and provided the encouragement to write them down in the first place, also to the Liars' League for providing the deadlines that forced me to complete them.
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