Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spotihalf........makes sense to me!

Spotify is halving the amount of music free subscribers can listen to in a month from 20 hours to 10 hours and will only let you listen to a track 5 times in total. Personally I think this is a good move!

Quite predictably there is loads of bellyaching in the comments of the official announcement page. This appears to be from people who think an award winning music service can be run for their own personal benefit with no suggestion of reimbursement and that all the artists in the world work hard to make music for the fun of it without needing to eat or buy cloths?

Spotify is an amazing service! For the price of 1 CD a month you can access all the music in its multi-million track catalogue, save it for offline listening on your PC and phone and even manage all your own music files and sync them wirelessly to you mobile.

So if they want to give all the millions of people using the service for free a bit of nudge towards supporting them I say fair play. Without services like Spotify we would be stuck in the gray hell of Apple iTunes!
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