Saturday, September 17, 2005

Well here I am again!

My last post was in march, oh how I neglect you blog of mine! Anyway guess i better update the cyberinterhyperwebway on the last 6 months! I was home in drayton for a few weeks and the at my girl friend's (Alex) for a month cleaning houses for much needed money. I then went on a fantastic holiday with her in rome! It really was great wish we could have stayed longer!

After the holiday i went back to drayton for a week, had a good time with some old friends and right now I'm at my new uni in Salford! Hopefully this course will give me what I need to start a career!

Well guess thats everything up till now in a heavily summerised fashion!

Wathched farenhight 9/11 last night! Bloody bush, moronic as****e! Anyway enough of that! Hopefully will be able to keep up the political ranting over the next few months!

Anyway I got work to do!
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